Reflect the Fire Inside, Outside

Opposites Do Attract

A landscape structure such as a fire or water feature can be the focal point to any landscape vision. Fire places, waterfalls, fire bowls, and trickling streams can peak all five of your senses. Feel the warmth of a cozy fire and the soft cool flow of falling water, hear the snapping of wood and trickle of a meandering stream, see the fire dancing and the water morphing over stone, smell the bonfire smell no one can mistake as your tongue can almost taste a campfire dog or s’more. Fire warms our soul and extends our sacred, all-too-short, Minnesota seasons.

Enjoy the crackling fire surrounded by your closest friends and family on a cool fall night. Roast a marshmallow with the kids until it reaches a perfect golden brown. Let your stresses melt away while you get lost in your thoughts staring at the dancing flickers of the amber flames.
Nothing compliments a natural landscape more than a water feature. Perhaps the most relaxing sound Mother Nature has provided us, the flow of a gentle stream and cascading waterfall. From man-made ponds and flowing streams, to pools, hot tubs, and more, water will provide the party and relaxation you have envisioned.

  • Stone and Brick Fire Pits, Fire Places, and Outdoor Ovens
  • Fire Bowls and Decorative Fire Features
  • Pools, Hot Tubs, and Spas
  • Water Falls
  • Ponds and Streams
  • Decorative Water Features