Protect Your System with Proper Winterizing

It is critical that Fall Winterization of your Irrigation System is done properly. Nearly all of the pipe & components are plastic and will shatter if they freeze with water in them.

When our trained Service Technicians Winterize your system, they use compressed air to push the water out through the sprinkler heads, which clears the vacuum breaker/RP Device, mainline, automatic valves and zone piping thus protecting your system.

Feel protected when using Mickman Brothers for your in-ground sprinkler system service calls, especially starting up and winterizing your system. Be ready for when spring and winter arrive.


Since 1975, Mickman Brothers has provided irrigation services throughout central Minnesota and the Twin Cities area.

Disclaimer: If during the Winterization, one or more of the zone valves fail to open (malfunctions) that zone(s) may not be cleared of water and may suffer damage beyond our control. And if there is an Act of God, such as extreme early freeze in October, it may not be possible to completely clear an irrigation system of water.