Quality Protection Between Lake and Land

Fight Erosion, Enhance Habitats

Protect your shoreline from erosion and unwanted pests. Enhance the habitat of welcomed guests and the ‘curb appeal’ of your lake home or cabin. Shoreline landscaping is both functional and aesthetically pleasing allowing both homeowner and guest to feel safe and protected.

Creating a well-defined shoreline creates a buffer, especially when it comes to lawn treatments and waste. It can also lead to good health for vegetation and animals on both sides – water and land. Improve the eco-system and you will reap the benefits for years to come.

Reduce the sounds and effects of crashing waves, provide a defined space and beach, and a solid foundation for any structures such as docks, fireplaces, landings and patios.

Minnesota ‘lake life’ is sacred; get the most out of it with a rejuvenated shoreline.

  • Minimize erosion
  • Deter Geese or any unwanted pests and loitering
  • Enhance natural shoreline habitat
  • Create a lake curb appeal for other visitors and boaters
  • Stone, paver, brick, and boulder retaining walls
  • Beaches, and beach cleanup/restoration
  • Lakeside patios and entertaining spaces