Life, Light, and Illumination.

We’ll Light the Way to a Brighter Future

Mickman Brothers Landscape Lighting Professionals

  • LIGHT: Brighten your walkways, illuminate trees and bring life and extend use to your outdoor space.
  • SAVE: Upgrade older, inefficient systems with new energy and money saving LED systems.
  • SAFE: Lighten up your walkways, driveways, patios and other dark areas around your home for safety.
  • ENHANCE: Bring your home’s curb appeal to the next level – especially at night.
  • SECURITY: Add a measure of safety and security, deterring nightime crime.
  • FUN: Set the mood for outdoor parties on your patio or around a pool.

New Installation

  • Design and Install
  • New LED systems
  • High Quality Fixtures and components
  • Professional staff of “Illuminologists”


  • New Fixtures and timers
  • Retrofit to LED bulbs
  • Astronomical timers
  • Extend current systems
  • Compatible systems


  • Annual system checks and adjustments
  • Clean lenses
  • Realign Fixtures
  • Adjust and Inspect
  • Troubleshoot electrical issues