Complete Landscape Care

Mickman Brothers offers a broad range of landscape care services from maintaining your current landscape, to landscape modifications to add appeal and value, to complete renovation and replacement of the current landscape.  Or staff of professional designers, gardeners, and landscapers know what it takes to make your site look great.

Tree care professionals will come to your property to perform proper pruning and spraying, tree removal, canopy shaping, pest and disease control and management, tree storm damage control and cleanup, and tree health consultations.

Landscape Care Services

  • Design consultations
  • Mulch and rock top dressing
  • Landscape renovation and construction services
  • Professional gardening
  • Sod repair
  • Shrub Shearing
  • Corrective shrub pruning and rejuvenation
  • Annual flower design, installation and maintenance
  • Seasonal color for spring, summer, fall and winter


Since 1975, Mickman Brothers has provided landscaping services throughout central Minnesota and the Twin Cities area. For more information, please call 763.413.3000.