Proper Filtration, Proper Sustainability

Eco-Friendly, Functional Foundations

Innovation, Technology, and Sustainability are at the forefront of rain gardens and green roofs. Mickman Brothers provides both residential and commercial applications of these two types of eco-friendly landscaping features.

If you live in an area that seems to turn into a small pond after each rainfall, a rain garden is right for you. Full of native perennials, flowers, shrubs and various other plant material, rain gardens are usually a small, designed depression in your lawn that can efficiently soak in and drain water or water runoff from a variety of structures or Mother Natures furies. Rain Gardens help redistribute otherwise lost rainwater or grey water, as well as prevent erosion, and provide a sustainable solution to your property.

Green Roofs are ‘live’ roofs usually found on commercial buildings and some residential houses comprised of a waterproof layer, growing medium, and plant material such as native grasses or vegetable gardening. Much like rain gardens, a green roof is primarily about storm water management, but also, energy conservation and overall sustainability. Another added benefit is noise and pollution reduction!

Create a diverse, urban habitat with new landscape ideas – rain gardens and green roofs.