Top 7 Irrigation Tips for a Thriving Lawn & Landscape



  • Your lawn requires 1” of precipitation to thrive. A SMART Controller gauges the water your system provides coupled with the amount of rain that falls during the week to ensure proper overall precipitation.
  • Very Important: Each year your Irrigation System needs a comprehensive inspection to ensure each component is operating properly.
  • Irrigation Spray Heads have a MUCH greater Precipitation Rate than Rotor Heads. To eliminate water waste, your Spray Zones should operate about 25% of the time your Rotor Zones operate.
  • Proper Sprinkler Head arc adjustments will minimize ‘over spray’ onto driveways, sidewalks and streets. Our Service Techs do an excellent job in adjusting the ‘arc’ of each and every Sprinkler Head.
  • Planting beds are best irrigated with ‘trickle emitters’ and/or Netifim emitter tubing. This will eliminate plants being ‘beat up’ by lawn sprinkler heads and will supply water exactly where it belongs; at the base of each plant. These ‘Emitter Zones’ typically operate much longer than Lawn Sprinkler Zones.
  • Emitter Zones can be added to supply water to patio and deck plant containers. This will eliminate the troublesome task of watering your containers by hand every other day or so – all season long!
  • Spring Start-up and Fall Winterization are essential to the health of your System. This work is best done by our Professional Service Techs that guarantee our work unconditionally.

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