Ode to Jim

An Ode to Jim
The Lover of Life

‘Do you know Dr. James Mickman?’
the people would ask.
‘Oh, you mean my brother Jimmy’,
In whose glow I would proudly bask.

Jim was so much to so many.

A Nurturing Friend – even as a boy.
Gently learning how to know
and nurture friendships that
would last a lifetime, and always grow.

The Reader – a voracious student.
Of history, of biographies, and of literature.
Jim learned much and shared his knowledge,
all of which we were so sure.

The Adventurer – traveling the world over.
Riding his thumb, a train or a bike.
Amassing stories to tell his vast wealth
Of friends. Of family. Much to our delight!

An Avid Sailor – a lover of the sea.
A more spirited sailor there shall never be.
Brother Jim was my lifelong sailing partner,
Another I will never have like he.

The Family Man – so in love with Sarai,
his best friend; the love of his life.
And the proud papa of Amelia and Sophia.
His mother’s son, whose love shone like God’s light.

A Noble Man – never wanting to miss anything.
We are all so sorry he will miss so much to come.
But Jim left us all with a richer life.
He will be with us always – and then some.

But most of all – the beautiful lover.
We could see the love in the depth of his eyes
And savor it as it filled us
Like the vast eternity of a deep blue sky.

I wish I were more like Jim.
To live my life as I learned from him.

by brother John

Jimmy on a sailing trip in the Virgin Islands

2 responses to “Ode to Jim”

  1. Alan Logeais says:


    A nice poem about your brother Jimmy. He sounded love me a great person that loved life. The memories of him will keep bringing you happiness.

    I know what it is like to lose a brother, I lost one of mine when he was 52 to leomiosarcoma, a rare cancer.

    I lost a good friend from the Marine Corps 2 years ago to glioblastoma cancer. 18 months after he retired, he fought it for almost 2 years.

    I like your stories they bring back a lot of good memories growing up.


    Alan Logeais

  2. Debbie Zeis/Brown says:

    What great memory poem. He sounds like such a special person!! I can truly feel the loss as I had lost my Sister @35 yrs old along with her 5 yr old son. She was my everything, she would have turned 66 yrs old on 8/28/2022. Her name was Madge Zeis. Again thank you for sharing that with all of us.

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